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Flying High with GCSEs at All Hallows

Press Release - 22 August 2013

All Hallows students are flying high following an excellent set of GCSE results for the Class of 2013. 88% of students gained five or more GCSE results at A*-C including 66% with English and Mathematics. ‘Achievement for all’ also figures strongly at All Hallows with all student regardless of ability or learning challenges gaining one more qualifications and academically gifted students clocked up super results with twenty three students gaining 8 or more A*-A; M. Barton (10), F. Billings (11), E Brown (8), N. Burton (8), H Corcoran (11), T. Cumberland (8), J. Cunningham (12), M. Curley (8), O.Haigh (12), A. Holland (9), E. Kane (9), R. Lindley (8), R. Macbryde (11), S. Maguinness (8), H. Massey (12), A. Mills (11), B. O’Donovan (8), H. Pickup (11), L. Powell (12), A. Prior (8), I. Skidmore (8), P. Waite (8), R. Williams (11).  

Principal, Mr Billings said ‘Fantastic results today. We are delighted for our students and their teachers. They have every reason to be proud and we are looking to one of our highest recruitments to our Sixth Form. These results will be a passport to many more opportunities for them in the future.’ Finola Billings, who is also the Principal’s daughter, said ‘I’ve worked hard for these results and I’m really looking forward to studying History, German, English Literature and Philosophy A Levels in the Sixth Form. ’ Nathan Wanjau, who joined the college in Year 10 said ‘I’m so proud, I managed to catch up and gain 7 A*-As, All Hallows has really supported me and I’m looking forward to life in the Sixth Form.’ Overall this has been another excellent year for All Hallows.



Notes to the Editor

1.All Hallows is an 11-18 Catholic Voluntary Academy and National Support School located in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

2.Students are a very wide geographical area beyond Macclesfield, including, Handforth, Wilmslow, Stockport, Poynton, and Congleton. The students mentioned above : M. Barton (Congleton), F. Billings (Macclesfield), E Brown (Macclesfield), N. Burton (Bollington), H Corcoran (Sutton), T. Cumberland (Macclesfield), J. Cunningham (Stockport), M. Curley (Sutton), O.Haigh (Macclesfield), A. Holland (Macclesfield), E. Kane (Macclesfield), R. Lindley (Congleton), R. Macbryde (Macclesfield), S. Maguinness (Macclesfield), H. Massey (Handforth), A. Mills (Macclesfield), B. O’Donovan (Macclesfield), H. Pickup (Congleton), L. Powell (Macclesfield), A. Prior (Macclesfield), I. Skidmore (Macclesfield), P. Waite (Macclesfield), R. Williams (Disley). N. Wanjau (Macclesfield).

3.OfSTED and denominational reports have both judged All Hallows to be outstanding.

4.In 2012, All Hallows was commended for being in the top 20% of non-selective schools for value added performance at GCSE in 2012. A Level results regularly place the college in the top 100 comprehensives in the country and we expect the same this year.



Wiktor Daron and Kathleen O’Kelly both retired this academic year from Saint Paul’s Catholic High School in Wythenshawe. Mr. Daron’s teaching career spanned thirty seven years, including twenty years of headship and twenty eight years of service to Catholic schools. Mrs. O’Kelly retired after thirty one years in teaching and seventeen of which were in Catholic schools. 

For the past ten years Mr. Daron served as Headteacher and Mrs. O’Kelly as Deputy Headteacher of St. Paul’s Catholic High School in Wythenshawe, Manchester. During this decade, standards in the school have risen significantly and the school is now one of the most improved one hundred schools in the country. The school is housed in an impressive new building, successfully sharing the site with a school for pupils with special educational needs. The school has an engineering specialism; excels in technology, sports and creative and performing arts; has established strong links with the local community (including Manchester University and Manchester City Football Club) and supports many local and international charities, including an orphanage in Thailand (which is visited by groups of staff and pupils). Most recently, the school has become an academy, linking with a group of Catholic primary schools, to form the Wythenshawe Catholic Academy Trust. 
Throughout their careers both Mr. Daron and Mrs. O’Kelly have maintained their dedication and passion for Catholic education, providing strong leadership in every aspect of school life and acting as positive role models for both staff and pupils.
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Saint Paul’s School Parliament


Pupils from Saint Paul’s Catholic High School in Wythenshawe have formed a School Parliament with the aim of increasing the involvement of young people in the life and decision making of the school.
Each member is elected onto the School Parliament and, once elected, the main purpose of the group is to represent all the pupils of the school, which means that the Parliament is a forum for active and constructive pupil input into the daily life of the school community.
School Parliament members represent all pupils in each year group at Saint Paul’s Catholic High School. They are elected by the pupils to represent their ideas and views.
Currently the members are very busy promoting new initiatives like the new pupil newsletter called ‘Pupil Voice’ which has interesting articles and competitions. They are working with teachers in school to make Saint Paul’s even better and they are getting involved in the local community and other schools to promote ‘Pupil Voice’.
Ms Michelle Davies, School Parliament Link teacher, explained: “The purpose of the School Parliament is to give the pupils a real voice within a manageable system and encourage the students  to take ownership and responsibility for their school. At the same time it enables staff to gain pupil perspective.”
“The School Parliament also raises awareness amongst the pupils about democratic systems and rights in line with Citizenship education and allows them to gain important life skills, such as speaking and listening skills, teamwork, problem solving, oral reasoning skills, self esteem and self confidence,” added Ms Davies.
 “The position of Member of School Parliament (MSP) is one of responsibility and one which provides an important connection between pupils and staff. Becoming a MSP is a valuable goal, it plays an important part in a pupil’s personal development and opens their mind to new levels of responsibility and participation in a very positive way.” commented Mr Wiktor Daron, Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s. “
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Much ado about nothing Mr Gove

10th July 2013 - Press Release

This week the Education Secretary, Michael Gove, set all secondary schools a target of teaching 11-14 year olds two Shakespeare plays. But at St Benedict's Catholic Primary School in Atherstone, Warwickshire, children as young as 5 are studying Shakespeare. And on Wednesday (10th) and Thursday (11th) they will be staging their own performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

The performance is the finale of this term’s topic work for Years 5 and 6. It’s not just about learning lines for the play, Shakespeare’s work is used as a springboard to improve speaking and listening skills by doing 'ensemble' approach drama work where the children explore the themes, characters and language of Shakespeare whilst learning about how these fit in to Tudor times. This approach also increases children’s confidence.

Modern day themes are related to Shakespeare’s plays with the children undertaking project work looking, not just at Shakespeare’s life and times, but also crossing into other subject areas, for instance designing and making fairy wings.

Previously pupils have studied Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet and the Tempest. A mixed group of children ranging from Reception to Year 6 has even performed their own interpretation of The Tempest in a festival at Stratford.

Teacher Mrs Niki Furlong-Smith is the school's Literacy lead: "We've taught Shakespeare at St Benedict's for years, even to Reception children, because his works can be accessed by all age groups if done appropriately.”

She continued; “The Royal Shakespeare Company has been very supportive too.We have worked with one of the RSC's Voice Coaches and last October some of our present Year 6s had their own poetry performed by members of the RSC at the theatre in Stratford.

Our main feeder school, St Thomas More School, has stated that the children we send to them are always open to the works of Shakespeare when they begin to study them as part of the KS3 curriculum."


1.    For further information contact Head teacher Mrs Susan Shannon – 01827 712320 or PR Co-ordinator (Parent Volunteer) Angela Baines on 07976 438710.

2.    Press photographers are welcome to visit the performance.  Please contact Angela Baines (Parent volunteer) on 07976 438710.

3.    Photographs show pupils from Year 5 &6 in the dress rehearsal of their performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and examples of project work.

4.    In November 2012 St Benedict’s was rated as Good by Ofsted under the tougher new inspection regime and noted children’s exemplary behaviour.  In March 2013 the School was also rated Good with Outstanding features for RE in a Diocesan inspection.


5.    St Benedict’s School is based in Church Walk, Mancetter, Atherstone and accepts children from all backgrounds in the North Warwickshire area.     Tel: 01827 712320

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