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Voyage of Scientific and Engineering Discovery at Saint Paul’s

Press Release - June 2013


Budding young engineers from Years 7 and 8 at Saint Paul’s Catholic High School in Wythenshawe recently took part in two Science and Engineering based Challenge Days aimed at encouraging their creativity, innovation and problem solving skills.

The challenges were designed to grab the pupils’ attention, test their skills of teamwork and problem solving and develop their powers of innovation, creativity and communication. The innovative event allows the pupils to delve into the intriguing worlds of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Saint Paul’s has specialist status for Engineering and has a distinctive science and engineering ethos running throughout the school and the school is very keen to inspire and engage the pupils in Science and Engineering. 

During the Challenge Days, the pupils took part in a number of science and engineering based activities including an international marble challenge, a labyrinth puzzle challenge, t shirt design and printing and circus skills. The pupils worked in small groups to carry out a series of tasks where they researched, designed and built solutions to the real life engineering problems

The event allowed the pupils to work together to solve problems, enhancing their team building and communication skills. All those involved commented that they had experienced a challenging but fun day and got to engage in activities which they wouldn’t normally do, for example, in the International Marble Run the pupils had to design and construct a structure that would allow a marble to travel across the continent.

The pupils were observed and then nominated for a series of awards: best team, best team player, best leadership skills, kindest participant, most enthusiastic participant, most competitive participant, most considerate participant, most creative participant and the participant with the best ideas. The awards were then presented in a special assembly to highlight some of the important skills of the pupils.

The pupil comments included: “Everyone was included which was great”, “It was great to work with other people that we don’t usually get to work with” and “The people who ran the day were kind, funny and helpful”.

Ms Catherine Collier, Deputy Head at Saint Paul’s, said: “The challenges are designed to capture the students' imaginations and interest. They experience an innovative programme of discovery with hands-on design and practical work giving them a peek into the life of a real engineer, the variety of engineering out there and the central role it plays in our everyday lives.”

“The 21st century continues to see an increase in technological and scientific advancements, from nano-technology, robotic prosthetics and record-breaking sky-scrapers to research into the cure for cancer, neurological and genetic diseases. If we continue at this current rate of technological and scientific evolution we will require many more people working in science, engineering and maths,” added Ms Collier.

“The days aimed to excite and inspire students and was a great way to show young people the vital role engineering plays in our lives,” commented Head Teacher, Mr Wiktor Daron. “The event was a fantastic opportunity for our pupils. They were able to take part in some exciting problem solving activities which, whilst being fun, enhanced some important skills such as leadership, consideration for others and working together to a common goal.”

Mr Daron added: “We hope that events such as this will encourage more young people to study and consider exciting and rewarding careers in science, technology, engineering and maths.” 

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