CES Census 2022

St Augustines Spring 2012 388 002The CES Census is a survey of Catholic schools in England and Wales.  It provides essential information on Catholic education from national to diocesan level, underpinning policy decisions at both local and national levels and enabling the CES to be proactive in promoting Catholic education.

As a result of the hard work of Census Representatives in the dioceses, together with that of the Census team at CES, the response rate since 2014 has been 100%, meaning the data is highly accurate.  The Bishops expect schools and colleges to complete the CES Census since only with a high response rate from the entire sector can we demonstrate the diversity and inclusiveness within it. 

The Census website contains full details of the support period, together with online documentation and other information. Completed Census files must be uploaded using the file upload form on this website. 

The CES Census Digests 2021 for schools in England and Wales are available to download below. The Welsh language version of the 2021 Wales digest will be available to download in January 2022. Previous Census publications can be downloaded from the Census website.

A podcast explaining the Census and the current situation of Catholic Education can be found here.



    Census E                                                         Census WE                                                          Census WW                                                      

Census Digest


Census Digest


Census Digest

(Welsh text)